About Me

Hi! So nice to meet you - I’m seriously so happy you're here! My name is Grace Byron, and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Minneapolis, MN. I have been doing photography professionally for a little over 2 years and have absolutely fallen in love with documenting stories of couples in a way that is true to them for them treasure for years to come. My goal is not just to be your photographer, but to be a trusted friend and guide to help you feel comfortable + confident, whether it's your big love day or we are documenting another year together with your honey.

When I’m not behind the camera or editing, you can find me designing my dream interiors via pinterest, hitting every corner of the U.S. with my favorite pal and highschool sweetheart Gabe, wandering around Trader Joe’s, and going on spontaneous trips with my girlfriends — Switzerland, Paris, and LA to name a few mems! Traveling and discovering new landscapes, architecture, and cultures is when I feel most alive. I’m also a big fan of rap music, sushi, and sunrise hikes.


Some other things that I’m SUPER passionate about:

- Matcha lattes.
- True crime podcasts
- Skincare - always giving the gals in my life mini facials at home.
- Mcdonald’s double cheeseburgers.
- Ginger shots.
- My elderly german shorthaired pointer, Daisy.
- Thunderstorms
- Good denim.
- Weimeraners - I will have one or five someday.